The House


The perfect starting point for hunting the aurora or watching the midnight sun in Senja Island. Here you get a 360 degree view with minimal light pollution


The house have 4 bedrooms fully equipped with everything you need. Perfect for 8 people. If needed we also have 2x baby beds that can be used


The house have two bathrooms. Bathroom 1 have a big shower and washing machine for laundry. Bathroom 2 have a big bathtub and shower. Both bathrooms have toilets


A fully equipped kitchen with everything you need including microwave and a high end coffee machine for all kinds of hot coffee drinks and tea


The porch is very big / outside area is huge. Here you can go out watching the aurora borealis or midnight sun or just take in the amazing view


You get access to a high speed internet inside and outside the house. While staying here you can surf, watch videos or work as usual

The farm

The house is situated up at the farmĀ 70 meters above sea level. The view is very nice and this is the perfect starting point for your vacation


At the farm we have our own restaurant. The restaurant was built in a old barn that earlier housed goats. This is a cozy place eating and relaxing


At the farm you will have access to our big tipi. the tipi can actually take 60 people for dinner and it is a great and warm place to stay while you wait for the aurora

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